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Ride-on Deer
Here comes a little deer! Made in wood and painted in soft, light pastels. Sturdy handles and a...
In stock: 6
Popcorn machine
Here's a wooden, vintage inspired popcorn machine that features a handle on the side. Press the...
In stock: 33
Garage 'Le Grand'
A garage in four levels with nicely painted details in bright colors. Parking, gas station,...
In stock: 29
Garage 'Mike's Auto'
A garage in retro-style with three levels and a helipad. Several parking spaces and an elevator...
In stock: 19
Work bench with tools
A really cool work bench for the most dedicated carpenters. The work bench has a circular saw,...
In stock: 7
Dollhouse 'Blue Bird Cottage' furnished
A lovely dollhouse with three floors and a removeable roof and easy to open front panels. Door,...
In stock: 41
Dollhouse 'Dream House' furnished
An absolute dream house and thereof the name! A pink wooden doll house with three floors,...
In stock: 33
Dollhouse 'Bay Tree House'
Beautifully painted dollhouse in three storeys with a decorative round window on the front panel.
In stock: 10
Dollhouse 'Lily's Cottage' furnished
Pretty painted cottage in daisy motif with decorated interior that includes starter furniture...
In stock: 24
Dollhouse 'Sweetheart' furnished
A lovely, little doll house, painted in soft pastells with a glittery roof. Windows, shutters,...
In stock: 39
Pirate ship 'Barbarossa'
Pirate ship, featuring working canon with canon balls (caution: projectiles), opening stern,...
In stock: 51