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Fabric doll Red Riding Hood 'Les Jouets d'Hier' small
Little Red Riding Hood in her beautiful cloak and hood, with braids and a flowery dress. A serene...
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Fabric doll Wolf 'Les Jouets d'Hier'
The handsome Wolf wears his fashionable fur-lined winter coat. In his top hat and spats he makes...
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Rabbit 'Il Était Une Fois'
The handsome rabbit is in a real hurry, He has a small pocket watch in his vest and a sweet look...
In stock: 2
Fairy 'Il Était Une Fois'
The enchanted little fairy is unbelievably sweet. Dressed in a wide, pink dress with gold tulle...
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Hairband 'Crown & tulle'
A gold colored, elastic hairband with a cute little crown at the top. The crown is made in soft...
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Hairband 'Crown' silver
The greatest hairband in the world! With a glittery silver crown on your head, you're as fancy as...
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Hair clip 'Mad Hatter'
The sweetest, little party hat in sparkly gold and pink tulle! Attached to a metal clip, making...
In stock: 55
Hair clips 'Hearts'
Hair clip in metal with a small soft, glittery heart. Comes in four colors - sold assorted. Two...
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Car 'Roadster' red
A race car in high gloss wood. Racing stripes, spoiler and stylish wheels in hard plastic.
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Car 'Racer Mini' minty green
A mini racer painted in fresh colors. Checkered side design and white plastic wheels. Made in wood.
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Car 'Speedy' natural
A race car in high gloss wood. Streamlined design with a number on the side and black plastic...
In stock: 7
Bil 'Swing' black
A small wooden car with a classic shape, painted black with a No 1 on the side. The wheels are in...
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Krabat ECO fennec Noko
This is an ECOkrabat.
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Krabat ECO frog Eddie
This is an ECOkrabat.
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Krabat ECO rabbit Pim
This is an ECOkrabat.
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Krabat ECO mouse Umi
This is an ECOkrabat.
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