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Stacker Forest Animals
Nine painted wooden animals that can be stacked and balanced in tons of combinations. Play with...
In stock: 72
Ice Lollies in stand
A huge customer favorite and best seller! And who doesn't love ice cream?
In stock: 614
Kaleidoscope Ingela P. Arrhenius (12pcs)
A display with 12 kaleidoscopes with illustrations by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Three different designs.
In stock: 50
Stacking Blocks Acrobats Ingela P. Arrhenius
A set of twelve dashing acrobats in wood by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Stack and balance them on top of...
In stock: 0
Stacker Firetruck
Build a firetruck with four nice wooden pieces. Drive it, take it apart, put it together, and...
In stock: 3
Storybook torch 'Circus' (10)
A flash light with small slides that tell a story. Shine the lamp on a wall in a dark room and...
In stock: 0
Dagger in wood
A knife (or small sword) in wood.
In stock: 17
Blanky Mouse 'Il Était Une Fois' pink
A nice blanky in the shape of a mouse with a tiny magigcian's hat. Soft and cozy. The mouse...
In stock: 0
Puzzle Bus Popipop
In stock: 42
Stacker boxes Michelle Carlslund
Lovely boxes in hard cardboard to stack on top of each other with lovely illustrations in soft...
In stock: 70
Popup 'Bus' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A fun popup toy. A conductor and two passengers sit atop the bus. Press down the figures, let go,...
In stock: 0
Mixer set 'Honeybake'
A great mixer set for play baking, with whisk and bowl. Three pretend speeds. Several play...
In stock: 43
Card 3D Blue eyes
You will be amazed when you see these 3D pictures in person - there are no words to describe how...
In stock: 60
Magnifying Jar
8 cm.
In stock: 99
Blocks 'Animals'
Our favorite blocks for the youngest! Four sturdy wooden blocks, painted in lovely, soft colors.
In stock: 39
Sorting game 'Noah's Ark' small
A great sorting game with Noah's Ark. The ark comes with five blocks in varying shapes, painted...
In stock: 30
Velociraptor (grey)
The Velociraptor is a genus ofd romaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 70-75 Ma...
In stock: 0
Mask 'Superhero' assorted
Six different superhero masks in felt fabric. Fun for Halloween or at the birthday party. The...
In stock: 13
Unicorn Foal
The figurine is painted by hand in PVC and manufactured to very strict specifications.
In stock: 29
Makeup Bag Organic 'Flamingo'
Wonderful toiletry/makeup bag, or pencil case in cotton canvas. Playful and colorful design. Find...
In stock: 20
Body Organic 'Zebra' short sleeves
You cannot find a more stylish bodysuit! Coq en Pâte's great colors and fun animal prints are...
In stock: 17
Rucksack Organic 'Koala'
Fun and playful design is found in this great rucksack/fabric bag with animal print. It has...
In stock: 27
Beach Set Organic 'Crab'
A beach set with a playful crab. Bucket, spade, rake, and strainer is included in this set, which...
In stock: 20
Doll Big sister 'Anaelle'
Big sister Anaelle is a classic wink doll with long, red hair, grey eyes, and freckles. She has a...
In stock: 24
Doll Kiddy 'Mischa'
The Kiddy-doll is our most popular doll series. With a round face and gentle expression it speaks...
In stock: 23
Bil 'Swing' black
A small wooden car with a classic shape, painted black with a No 1 on the side. The wheels are in...
In stock: 15
Flag garland 'Multi'
Flag streamer to decorate the kid's room, the garden, or for a party. Cotton fabrics in fun...
In stock: 10
Binoculars Professional
Elegant binoculars with 4x30 magnification. Rubber-coated in robust design for both children and...
In stock: 144
Necklace 'Unicorn'
A great metal necklace with a unicorn pendant. The pendant is enamelled in a pretty colors and...
In stock: 41
Hairband 'Crown' gold
The greatest hairband in the world! With a glittery golden crown on your head, you're as fancy as...
In stock: 193
Queen Ice
Papo's figures are hand-painted with extreme attention to detail and quality.
In stock: 87
Magnifying Glass Classical
Our finest magnifying glass of classical design. Real glass and frame of shock-resistant metal.
In stock: 162