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Baby gym 'Les Papoum'
A really nice baby gym with lovely pendands that rattle, rustle, and beep. Exciting and fun to...
In stock: 2
Mobile with Music 'Les Papoum'
This adorable mobile plays a sweet melody when you wind it up.
In stock: 2
Monkey jittery 'Les Papoum'
The monkey vibrates when you pull it. Dressed in soft fabric it can hang on the stroller, or be...
In stock: 3
Mug, Plate & Bowl 'Les Papoum'
A dinner ware set for kids with charming illustrations of the 'Les Papoum' family.
In stock: 6
Musical can 'Les Papoum'
A classic musical can in tin, painted in a lovely motive with the Papoum animals swimming in a lake.
In stock: 11
Musical globe Elephant 'Les Papoum' with confetti
A wonderful musical box with the elephant from the Les papoum gang. When the box plays, the...
In stock: 5
Musical Pal 'Les Papoum' Hippo
This super soft musical hippo plays a soft tune when you pull the bird.
In stock: 4
Musical Pal 'Les Papoum' Soft Elephant
This super soft musical elephant plays a soft tune and is cuddly and soft.
In stock: 6
Nesting boxes 'Les Papoum'
Lovely boxes in cardboard to stack and build with. Colorful illustrations, numbers, and the...
In stock: 5
Popup 'Les Papoum' in wood
A fun popup toy. Press down the figures, let go, and watch them pop back up. Exciting surprise...
In stock: 3
Pull along 'Les Papoum' in wood
A really nice pull-along toy with the friends from the Les Papoum series. The elephant comes...
In stock: 0
Puzzle Animals Les Papoum
A charming wooden puzzle with the Papoum crew. Behind every piece hides a beautiful illustration.
In stock: 0
Stacker Lion 'Les Papoum'
A stacking toy in the shape of the Les Papoum lion. Four wooden rings and the lion head for the...
In stock: 0
Tin top 'Les Papoum' large
A classic tin top spinner painted in a lovely motive with the Papoum animals on the savannah.
In stock: 2
Tin top 'Les Papoum' small
A classic tin top spinner painted in a lovely motive with the Papoum animals against a dark blue...
In stock: 6