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Critter Boubou 'Les Schmouks'
Boubou is a curious critter who looks like a mix of the cookie monster and a yeti. With his long...
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Critter Choukette 'Les Schmouks'
Choukette is a peculiar, little troll-like fellow with a long tail and large feet. He may have no...
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Critter Mouni 'Les Schmouks'
Mouni has long legs and a derby hat. His red shoes are very fancy and he's a happy dude. Sure,...
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Critter Pidou 'Les Schmouks'
Pidou. Who is Pidou? Well, he looks a bit nutty with his blue hair, round eyes, and toothy smile.
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Critter Plok 'Les Schmouks'
Is Plok a donkey? Or maybe a leopard? Or is he a donkey-leopard? One just doesn't know. But he...
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