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Baking  set in case
A small suitcase in a classic style with a mix of baking things: rolling pin, whisk, dough...
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Balancing bird
Three colorful birds in cardboard that you balance on the tip of your finger. Exciting and fun to...
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Bouncy ball 'Moon' glow-in-the-dark
A cool bouncy ball in a nice box. The bouncer is inspired by the moon and it glows in the dark,...
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Bouncy balls 'Galaxy' 3 pcs
Three cool bouncy balls in a nice box. The bouncers are inspired by outer space materials and are...
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Bouncy balls display jar
A large, nice plastic jar with 48 bouncy balls. The jar has a classic look with a screw-on lid.
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Drawing Board Magic (24pcs)
A magic drawing board to use over and over again. Draw with the plastic pen, erase and start again.
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Flipper game mini assorted
A mini flipper game with to motifs. Pull the level, let go, and see where the marble goes. Nice...
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French knitting 'Moulin Roty' set
A nice little box with a French knitting mushroom, a little knitting tool, and two balls of...
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Game 'Battle ships' magnetic
The game 'battle ships' is fun and a bit tricky. Included in the kit is magnetic markers and two...
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Game 'Guess who?' magnetic
A fun guess who game for two players. Two playing boards with accessories are included in the...
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Game 'Pick-up sticks' large
A giant pick-up stick game in wood. Fun for both children and adults.
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Game 'Tangram'
A fun and tricky game that is fun for the whole family. Build the different figures using the...
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Game 'Tangram' magnetic
Tangram is both fun and a bit tricky. Included in the kit are several geometric, colorful shapes...
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Juggling balls set
Three fancy juggling balls in gold and silver. The balls are sewn in soft material with good...
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A smiple and nice kaleidoscope. Sold assorted. One display contains 12 pcs.
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Kaleidoscope Circus
19,5x4,5 cm
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Kaleidoscope with glitter tube (assorted)
Three lovely kaleidoscopes with glitter tubes. Peek into a enchanted and meditative world, where...
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Kite Bat
A great kite in the shape of a black bat. The shape, along with the noticable round eyes and the...
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Kite Bird
A great kite in the shape of a beautiful bird. The shape, along with the harmonious colors and...
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Magic Christmas Tree
Christmas cheer and experiment in one fun kit! Watch the crystals form on the tree and decorate...
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Magic tree crystals green
Put together the little tree and place it in the dish. Water it with the water provided. Slowly,...
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Magic tree crystals pink
Put together the little tree and place it in the dish. Water it with the water provided. Slowly,...
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Magnifying glass
A stylish magnifying glass for the most important detectives. Comes in a nice box with a funny...
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Mandala rings display (8pcs)
Create beautiful mandala patterns with these five rings och varying shape and form that come in a...
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