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Badger in wood
A small wooden badger to play with. Nicely and simply painted with water based paint.
In stock: 263
Bag with groceries
This set includes a pretty printed canvas bag with solid wood and painted groceries. Olive oil,...
In stock: 64
Balancing game 'Animals'
Here's a real challenge to work on your balancing skills! The fabric bag contains several...
In stock: 97
Balancing game 'Arctic Circle'
Meet these arctic friends and try to balance them without them all tumbling off! This set...
In stock: 14
Balancing game 'Birds'
A fun balancing game where you stack baby birds and eggs on top of a rocking nest. See how high...
In stock: 43
Balancing game 'Circus'
A balancing game with wooden circus animals and acrobats. Fun to play with as they are or to...
In stock: 0
Balancing game 'Monster'
Stack and balance the monsters! Try to get as high as possible without them tumbling down. Fun...
In stock: 128
Block puzzle
This simple, four piece wooden block puzzle is illustrated with warm bright colors and simple...
In stock: 50
Blocks 'Garden'
Grow your own garden with these fun garden shapes! All 24 pieces of our push and click blocks are...
In stock: 41
Blocks Dreamhouse
Here you have 12 solid wooden blocks painted with different houses and structures. Match the...
In stock: 8
Blocks for the youngest
Fourteen nice wooden blocks in a cloth drawstring bag. Some are solid colors and a few are...
In stock: 41
Blocks in frame Garden
Fit all the pieces together in the right way in the frame, or build your own garden with this...
In stock: 10
Bookcase 'Forest'
A really nice wooden bookcase for the kid's room. The case has four shelves with different...
In stock: 13
Bread in basket
The bread crate has a fantastic baked selection: a solid wood croissant, fougasse, iced bun,...
In stock: 52
Breakfast set
Start making your own toasted breakfast with this classic breakfast set containing a pop up...
In stock: 13
Breakfast tray
A breakfast tray with tons of fun accessories: plate, silverware, napkin, napkin holder, egg with...
In stock: 3
Bus 'Happy & sour'
A simple wooden London bus with six passengers that can be spun around to change their mood. 
In stock: 20
Cake 'Birthday' chocolate
A really yummy birthday cake with candles. The cake is nicely painted in chocolate brown with...
In stock: 56
Cake 'Birthday' rainbow
A really fancy birthday cake with candles. The cake is nicely painted in fun rainbow colors with...
In stock: 0
Car 'Ice cream'
A fun ice cream car with a penguin driver. The car has three wooden ice creams on the roof and is...
In stock: 8
Cars 'Construction' 5 pcs
Five nice wooden construction vehicles with hard plastic details: excavator, truck, crane truck,...
In stock: 4
Cars 'London' 3 pcs
Three little wooden London cars: a bus, a taxi, and a jaguar.
In stock: 0
Cars 3pcs
Three little wooden cars with removable drivers. A fire engine, a police car, and a saloon car.
In stock: 66
Cash register
This beautifully painted register has real buttons to push and is packed with paper money and...
In stock: 19