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Bag with groceries
This set includes a pretty printed canvas bag with solid wood and painted groceries. Olive oil,...
In stock: 40
Bread in basket
The bread crate has a fantastic baked selection: a solid wood croissant, fougasse, iced bun,...
In stock: 34
Café with accessories
A fantastic little
In stock: 0
Cake 'Birthday' chocolate
A really yummy birthday cake with candles. The cake is nicely painted in chocolate brown with...
In stock: 12
Cake 'Birthday' rainbow
A really fancy birthday cake with candles. The cake is nicely painted in fun rainbow colors with...
In stock: 0
Cash register
This beautifully painted register has real buttons to push and is packed with paper money and...
In stock: 0
Charcuterie in basket
A fabric crate filled with various charcuterie: salami, sausages, and hams. Perfect for the play...
In stock: 70
Chopping board with vegetables
A great chopping board with a handle, painted with a chef's face, and accompanying knife. A...
In stock: 0
Cookie jar with cookies
A nice wooden cookie jar with six lovely wooden cookies.
In stock: 0
Cookie stand with pastries
A two-tier stand with eight delicious pastries for the tea party. The stand is in natural wood...
In stock: 0
Cookie stand with pastries
A two-tier stand full of delicious treats ready to serve! Four cupcakes, one jam tart and one...
In stock: 13
Credit card machine
A credit card machine with pushable buttons. Included in the set is a wooden credit card,...
In stock: 0
Eggs in carton
An egg carton filled with six wooden eggs. The eggs vary in color from white to brown. One can be...
In stock: 0
Espresso machine
A great wooden espresso machine with two cups, a milk pitcher, and five coffee pods. Set the bird...
In stock: 12
Fruits in basket
A fabric crate filled with various fruits: melon, orange, kiwi, pear, grapes, and plum. Perfect...
In stock: 47
Ice cream cart
Everyone loves ice cream! Come to the ice cream cart where the popsicles, lollies and ice cream...
In stock: 8
Kitchen large
A larger kitchen for the more advanced chefs. Large stove and oven, microwave, tap and sink, two...
In stock: 0
Kitchen pop up
A small pop up kitchen with several accessories. A hotpad, sink, clock, and hooks for hanging...
In stock: 0
Kitchen small
A little kitchen for the smallest chefs. Stove and oven, tap and sink, and a small cabinet with...
In stock: 0
Market stand
A market stand with a fabric canopy and room for lots of produce. Two fabric crates with fruits...
In stock: 11
Mixer 'Smoothie'
A mixer with a lid, handle, and stand. The set includes a cup with a straw, fruits that can be...
In stock: 0
Mixer with accessories
Have fun with pretend baking with this mixing set. The wooden mixer can lift, lower and adjust...
In stock: 0
Popsicles in stand
Six colorful popsicles in a stand. The popsicles are made in wood and painted in fun and happy...
In stock: 0
Scale with fruits
Weigh your wooden fruits and vegetables with this brightly coloured functional weighing scale.
In stock: 3