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Block puzzle
This simple, four piece wooden block puzzle is illustrated with warm bright colors and simple...
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Fishing game
A fun wooden fishing game with several little critters to catch with the magnetic fishing rod.
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Game 'Tic tac toe'
A cloth bag with ten wooden pieces. The bag is in the shape of a sweet rabbit and the back is the...
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Game dominos 'Animals'
Our Heads and Tails Dominoes has traditional dominoes on one side and cute matching animal...
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Game memory 'Animals'
An easy memory game for the youngest players, Twenty round wooden disks with ten sweetly and...
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Puzzle 'Rainbow'
Stack these curved pieces together to make a rainbow with a sweet mouse, looking up at the rain.
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Puzzle 'Touchy feely animals'
Stimulate your child’s senses with Touchy Feely Animals. Lift the shapes and feel the textures...
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Puzzle 'Underwater shapes'
Let’s discover all the shapes under the sea! Lift out the puzzle pieces to reveal the names of...
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Twisting toy 'Animals'
Match up the animal bodies with these fun twisting cubes! This simple toy will keep your toddler...
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