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Bus 'Happy & sour'
A simple wooden London bus with six passengers that can be spun around to change their mood. 
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Car 'Ice cream'
A fun ice cream car with a penguin driver. The car has three wooden ice creams on the roof and is...
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Cars 'Construction' 5 pcs
Five nice wooden construction vehicles with hard plastic details: excavator, truck, crane truck,...
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Cars 'London' 3 pcs
Three little wooden London cars: a bus, a taxi, and a jaguar.
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Cars 3pcs
Three little wooden cars with removable drivers. A fire engine, a police car, and a saloon car.
In stock: 59
Fire engine
A great wooden fire engine with four firemen, cones, warning signs, fire hydrant and fire...
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Garage 'Blue bird'
A nice and large garage with three floors and a helicopter landing. Several ramps and an...
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Retro cars 3 pcs
A set of three cool retro cars in wood. Nicely painted and always in style.
In stock: 13
Rocket play set
The rocket is ready to be launched! The rocket play set consists of a wooden rocket structure...
In stock: 29
Space station play set
Reach for the stars with our Life on Mars set. Kids will love this wooden space station with its...
In stock: 29
Taxi bus
A great, bright yellow taxi bus with three happy animal passengers. Push or turn them and they...
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Tow truck & car
A little tow truck and a broken down car with magnet attachment. Two removable drivers are also...
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Tractor & trailer
A wonderfully red wooden tractor and trailer. On the trailer stands a donkey and a sheep and in...
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Train set accessories Mountains
A small set with three mountains, a tunnel piece, and a bush that belong to Tender Leaf's lovely...
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Train set accessories Spruce
A small set with three spruce and a fox that belong to Tender Leaf's lovely train sets. Of...
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Train set Treetops
A lovely train set with several accessories. An engine with two carts, 12 rail pieces, a house,...
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Train set Wild Pines
A large train set with lots of accessories. An engine with three carts full of timber, a truck...
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Truck 'Car transport'
A truck with a folding bridge and room for four cars. Lower the bridge, load the cars and fold it...
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