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Balancing 'Whale' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A fun balancing game in wood. Stack as many fish as you can on top of the whale without any...
In stock: 6
Balancing game 'Cats' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A lovely balancing game with a mama cat and her nine kittens. Three little mice are also trying...
In stock: 5
Balancing game Acrobats Ingela P. Arrhenius
A set of twelve dashing acrobats in wood by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Stack and balance them on top of...
In stock: 44
Block puzzle 'Fairytale'
A nice wooden block puzzle with six different fairy tale pictures: Puss in boots, Little mermaid,...
In stock: 6
Block Puzzle with Animals
Nice wooden blocks that make six pictures of animals with their young. Frogs in pond, fish in...
In stock: 0
Blocks Ingela P. Arrhenius 'Funny characters'
A set of six blocks with illustrations by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Stack the blocks to build fun...
In stock: 0
Fishing game 'Ocean' Michelle Carlslund
A really great fishing game with four magnet rods and lots of underwater critters. On the back of...
In stock: 1
Fishing game Ocean
A fun fishing game with four magnetized fishing rods. Charming ocean illustrations in mild...
In stock: 2
Fishing game Wading Pool
A fun fishing game for the youngest with two magnetized fishing rods. Tons of creatures to fish...
In stock: 1
Flipper game
A fun wooden and metal flipper game with an underwater theme. Shoot off the marbles and try to...
In stock: 0
Game 'Chess' Keith Haring
A chess game in the legendary design of Keith Haring. Made in wood and painted in black, white,...
In stock: 13
Game 'Tricky puzzle blocks'
A tricky and nifty game where you build the shapes on the cards from the different pieces.
In stock: 6
Game domino 'Keith Haring'
A cool Keith Haring domino in wood. Harings typical funny critters instead of numbers or dots...
In stock: 10
Game feel & find 'Farm'
A fun game for the whole family. Draw a card and feel in the can - without looking - for the...
In stock: 6
Game feel & find 'Objects'
A fun game for the whole family. Draw a card and feel in the can - without looking - for the...
In stock: 0
Game memory 'Garden'
A fun memory game with a twist for the whole family. All players get their cards and then you...
In stock: 5
Game Tangram
Solve all the puzzles with Tangram Battle. A fun game for kids and adults alike. Apart from the...
In stock: 11
A 48-piece memory game in bright colors and simple figures. When you lose to your kids it's nice...
In stock: 12
Memory 'Animals' Suzy Ultman
A fun memory game in wood with funny, imaginative animals in lovely pastel colors. 24 pairs that...
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Animals' Suzy Ultman 4pcs
Four lovely wooden puzzles with sweet illustrations of funny animals. The background is in...
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Count animals' Suzy Ultman
Six, small wooden puzzles with three pieces each. On the first piece there's a animal parent, on...
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Keith Haring' 500 pcs
A cool Keith Haring puzzle with 500 pieces. Harings typical funny critters are jumbled in a big...
In stock: 6
Puzzle 'Lola'
A wooden puzzle where you combine pieces to build Lola in different outfits and expressions.
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Mini' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A display with 9 puzzle boxes. There are three puzzle boxes: bear, cat, and wolf - each box...
In stock: 55