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Barnyard large
A large and nice farm with hay loft, milking parlour, farm house, pigsty, stable, and fencing.
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Barnyard small
A lovely farm building with cow shed, stable and hay loft. The building stands on a baseboard,...
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Building 'Zoo'
This Zoo has two cages, monkey show, polarbear show. Figurines not included.
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Car 'Jeep' with trailer
A cool jeep with a removeable roof and place for a driver. The jeep has a detachable trailer with...
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Car tower 'Popipop'
A wooden car tower in the straigh forward and happy design of the Popipop series. Four small cars...
In stock: 2
Car Tower Racer
Car tower in wood with three levels and four ramps. Drop a car at the top of the tower and watch...
In stock: 9
Carriage with Unicorn & Fairy
A fancy carriage, decorated with flowers in green, white, and pink. The carriage is drawn by a...
In stock: 2
Castle fort building kit
Papo's new gift success is a great castle fort in hard cardboard that you put together yourself.
In stock: 1
Castle Wolf play set
Build your own castle with this great play set. Clip together the pieces with small plastic clips...
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Wind up function with canon balls.
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Crane in wood
A nice wooden crane with an easy-to-maneuver mechanism. The crane can swivel and wind up cargo...
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Crane in wood
A nice and sturdy wooden crane. The crane kan rotate, spin, grab and lift things in it's wooden...
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Doll house 'Blue Bird' with furniture
Give your children the dolls house of their dreams with our furnished (15 pcs) and decorated...
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Doll house 'La Grande Famille' with furniture
A lovely wooden doll house in four floors and a terrace with stairs. The walls are painted with...
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Doll house 'Pink Leaf' with furniture and dolls
The Pink Leaf House is the perfect first doll house for your child! This classic two-storey...
In stock: 0
Dollhouse 'Bay Tree House'
Beautifully painted dollhouse in three storeys with a decorative round window on the front panel.
In stock: 23
Dollhouse 'Blue Bird Cottage' furnished
A lovely dollhouse with three floors and a removeable roof and easy to open front panels. Door,...
In stock: 32
Dollhouse 'Cherry Tree Hall'
A grand 4-storey doll's house with beutifully painted interior. Each room is decorated...
In stock: 12
Dollhouse 'Dream House' furnished
An absolute dream house and thereof the name! A pink wooden doll house with three floors,...
In stock: 18
Dollhouse 'Fairybelle Palace'
A lovely wooden fairy castle, painted in soft pastels and decorated with flowers and grasses.
In stock: 0
Dollhouse 'Lavender House'
A lovely three-storey house painted in a shade of lavender. Staircase to the upper floor...
In stock: 0
Dollhouse 'Lily's Cottage' furnished
Pretty painted cottage in daisy motif with decorated interior that includes starter furniture...
In stock: 30
Dollhouse 'Mayberry Manor'
A beautifully painted wooden house in three storeys. Bay windows, door, and the whole front side...
In stock: 1
Dollhouse 'Sophie's House'
Beautifully painted 3-storey wooden doll house with a glittery roof and a staircase. Windows,...
In stock: 2