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Apple tart
A nice apple tart with two wooden apples. The apples kan be detached into four pieces each and...
In stock: 28
Bag with groceries
This set includes a pretty printed canvas bag with solid wood and painted groceries. Olive oil,...
In stock: 25
Baked goods in crate
A small wooden crate with a croissant, pretzel, cinnamon swirl, and two pastries. Fun to have...
In stock: 50
Biscuit & Plate set
A nice, light blue plate with nine yummy cookies in varying shapes, decorated in different...
In stock: 20
Box of cookies
A round cardboard cookie box with beautifully painted wooden cookies in all shapes and sizes.
In stock: 23
Bread in basket
The bread crate has a fantastic baked selection: a solid wood croissant, fougasse, iced bun,...
In stock: 64
Breakfast box
A cardboard box with wooden and fabric breakfast foods: croissant, jams, cup with spoon and...
In stock: 0
Breakfast set
Start making your own toasted breakfast with this classic breakfast set containing a pop up...
In stock: 20
Breakfast tray
A breakfast tray with tons of fun accessories: plate, silverware, napkin, napkin holder, egg with...
In stock: 24
Café Machine
Café making machine in painted wood. Choose from the different pods on top of the machine and...
In stock: 40
Cake 'Birthday' chocolate
A really yummy birthday cake with candles. The cake is nicely painted in chocolate brown with...
In stock: 0
Cake 'Birthday' rainbow
A really fancy birthday cake with candles. The cake is nicely painted in fun rainbow colors with...
In stock: 0
Cake 'Honeybake' chocolate
The fanciest of chocolate cakes! The cake is parted into six pieces that stick together with...
In stock: 87
Cake 'Honeybake' vanilla
The fanciest of birthday cakes! The cake is parted into six pieces that stick together with...
In stock: 107
Cake Stand set
A fantastic three-tier cake stand with a strawberry heart at the top. Eight delectable pastries...
In stock: 16
Cake stand with cookies
A wonderful two-tier cake stand with cookies in wood.
In stock: 12
Carving Chicken
Roasted chicken in wood. This chicken cant wait to be carved. Cutting board, knife and fork...
In stock: 0
Charcuterie in basket
A fabric crate filled with various charcuterie: salami, sausages, and hams. Perfect for the play...
In stock: 0
Chicken in wood
A really nice roasted chicken in rubberwood with detachable parts. The parts are kept in place...
In stock: 62
Chopping board with vegetables
A great chopping board with a handle, painted with a chef's face, and accompanying knife. A...
In stock: 0
Cookie & Bake set
A sorting game, puzzle, and bake-a-cookie set in one! Dotted baking tray with a small puzzle...
In stock: 42
Cookie stand with pastries
A two-tier stand with eight delicious pastries for the tea party. The stand is in natural wood...
In stock: 0
Cookie stand with pastries
A two-tier stand full of delicious treats ready to serve! Four cupcakes, one jam tart and one...
In stock: 10
Cut fruits & veggies
A cardboard crate with a cuttingboard and knife, along with several wooden and fabric food items...
In stock: 6