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Apron & Utensils
Kitchen accessory set in textile and wood.
In stock: 0
Apron 'Animals' laminated
A nice apron in laminated cloth that ties in at the neck and the back with a pretty animal on the...
In stock: 29
Apron Heart
One size.
In stock: 67
Apron Krabat Design
Dotted or star patterned apron for children.
In stock: 98
Apron Pretzel
One size.
In stock: 59
Baking set (16 pcs)
A nice set of baking tools in a netted bag. The set includes: a metal bowl, baking cloth, oven...
In stock: 102
Baking Tin
In stock: 63
Baking tin Teddy
In stock: 47
Clothespins mini in wood
Small, classic wooden clothes pins. Perfect for the doll clothes or to various craft projects.
In stock: 2299
Clothespins Plastic 100pcs
Pack of 100 pcs.
In stock: 0
Cookware set with utensils (8 pcs)
A tin and wooden cookware set in bright red. Frying pan, large pot with lid, smaller pot with...
In stock: 120
Cutlery set in wooden box 12 pcs
A mini set with 4 forks, 4 knives and 4st spoons for the best dinner party for your dolls.
In stock: 1
Dish brush
In stock: 184
Dish rack Wooden
In stock: 61
Gingerbread Form Mini Angel 12pcs
Gingerbread Form Mini Boat 12pcs
Pack of 12 pcs.
In stock: 128
Gingerbread Form Mini Car 12pcs
Pack of 12 pcs.
In stock: 48
Gingerbread Form Mini Goat 12pcs
Pack of 12 pcs.
In stock: 60
Gingerbread Form Mini Heart 12pcs