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Car set 'Sophie's Car'
A nice, pink car decorated with daisies, with a matching suitcase and bag in the trunk. The car...
In stock: 10
Carriage with Unicorn & Fairy
A fancy carriage, decorated with flowers in green, white, and pink. The carriage is drawn by a...
In stock: 3
Doll furniture 'Playground'
A nice wooden playground with a swing, slide, and see-saw. Perfect fit for the Budkins-dolls, but...
In stock: 0
Doll furniture Bathroom 'Daisylane'
Furniture for the bathroom: bathtub, shower stall, sink with mirror, towel rack, cupboard, and...
In stock: 27
Doll furniture Kid's Room 'Daisylane'
Furniture for the kid's room: two beds with linens, night table with lamp, desk with chair and...
In stock: 23
Doll furniture Kitchen 'Daisylane'
A lovely kitchen for the doll house. It has a touch of retro design, with soft pastells and...
In stock: 19
Doll furniture Living Room 'Daisylane'
Fance living room furniture for the doll house. Sofa with pillows and matching armchair, coffee...
In stock: 16
Dollhouse accessories 'Kitchen things' set 1
A set of various wooden kitchen accessories for the dollhouse: mixer, espresso maker, four cups,...
In stock: 0
Dollhouse accessories 'Kitchen things' set 2
A set of various wooden kitchen accessories for the dollhouse: cookie tray with two pastries,...
In stock: 35
Dollhouse accessories 'Party set'
Some party accessories for the dollhouse! Perfect for the birthday party and other celebrations.
In stock: 8
Dollhouse accessories 'Toy set'
Nice toys for the kid's room in the dollhouse. Tricycle, chalkboard, toy train, and xylophone.
In stock: 21
Dollhouse accessories 'Wash & Clean'
A wooden set with washing machine, drying rack, iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, bucket,...
In stock: 15
Dollhouse furniture 'Starter set 1'
A great starter set with furniture for the doll house. Bunkbeds with ladder and linen, night...
In stock: 21
Dollhouse furniture 'Starter set 2'
A great starter set with furniture for the doll house. Large bed with pillows and blanket,...
In stock: 0
Dollhouse furniture Bathroom 'Sugar Plum'
A nice bathroom in light blue and white. Tub and shower with a curtain, sink with mirror, towel...
In stock: 29
Dollhouse furniture Bedroom 'Daisylane'
Pink and romantic. A nice furniture set for the bedroom: large bed with linens, night table with...
In stock: 31
Dollhouse furniture Bedroom 'Sugar Plum'
Bedroom furniture for the doll house: large bed with pillows and blanket, night table with lamp,...
In stock: 26
Dollhouse furniture Dining Room 'Daisylane'
Nice furniture set for the dining room: table with table cloth and four chairs, cupboard, and a...
In stock: 11
Dollhouse furniture Dining Room 'Sugar Plum'
A simple and nice dining room set for the doll house: table with table cloth and four chairs,...
In stock: 17
Dollhouse furniture Kid's Room 'Sugar Plum'
A furniture set for the kid's room: bunk beds with blankets and pillows and a ladder, night table...
In stock: 37
Dollhouse furniture Kitchen 'Sugar Plum'
A stylish and modern kitchen for the doll house: stove with fan and oven, sink with cupboards,...
In stock: 21
Dollhouse furniture Living Room 'Sugar Plum'
Colorful living room furniture for the doll house: sofa and armchair, coffee table, fireplace,...
In stock: 16
Dollhouse Furniture Wardrobe & Doll
A wooden wardrobe with clothes and a doll.
In stock: 0
Dollhouse pets 'Cat & Dog'
A wonderful wooden set with a dog and dog house, and a cat with a pillow. Bowls with a bone and a...
In stock: 43