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Acrobat cascade Ingela P. Arrhenius
The nicest slide tower! A sturdy wooden base, festively decorated in great colors and patterns.
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Balancing 'Whale' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A fun balancing game in wood. Stack as many fish as you can on top of the whale without any...
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Balancing bird
Three colorful birds in cardboard that you balance on the tip of your finger. Exciting and fun to...
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Balancing game 'Cats' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A lovely balancing game with a mama cat and her nine kittens. Three little mice are also trying...
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Balancing game Acrobats Ingela P. Arrhenius
A set of twelve dashing acrobats in wood by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Stack and balance them on top of...
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Balancing game Furniture 'Les Bambins'
Fun stacking game with furniture blocks. Check out how tall you can stack before it all comes...
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Biathlon rifle
A wooden rifle that you load with rubber bands and shoot the included targets. Aim and shoot them...
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Bingo 'Le Jardin'
A great bingo-game with Le Jardin's lovely illustrations. Fun for the whole family and exciting...
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Bingo Animals game
A fun game for the whole family. Spin the wheel and dress your animal. Pants, shirt, shoes, hat,...
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Board game 'Le Jardin'
A beautifully designed game for nature lovers. Le Jardins lovely images are both exciting and fun...
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Bowling set
A nice bowling kit in a backpack. Six pins and two balls in wood. The pins are painted in bright...
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Chess 'Animals' Ingela P. Arrhenius
Congratulations! You've just found the most stylish chess game there is! Made in wood and painted...
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Fishing game
A fun wooden fishing game with several little critters to catch with the magnetic fishing rod.
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Fishing game 'Le Voyage d'Olga'
A lovely fishing game in the series' harmonious, soft color scheme and wonderfully sweet...
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Fishing game 'Ocean' Michelle Carlslund
A really great fishing game with four magnet rods and lots of underwater critters. On the back of...
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Fishing game Ocean
A fun fishing game with four magnetized fishing rods. Charming ocean illustrations in mild...
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Fishing game Wading Pool
A fun fishing game for the youngest with two magnetized fishing rods. Tons of creatures to fish...
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Five in One game Nathalie Lété
A beautiful wooden box with fantastic game boards and a deck of cards, designed by the artist...
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Flipper game
A fun wooden and metal flipper game with an underwater theme. Shoot off the marbles and try to...
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Flipper game mini assorted
A mini flipper game with to motifs. Pull the level, let go, and see where the marble goes. Nice...
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Floating ball display (8pcs)
A fun time waster! Blow into the pipe and try to make the little ball float at the same place in...
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Game 'Battle ships' magnetic
The game 'battle ships' is fun and a bit tricky. Included in the kit is magnetic markers and two...
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Game 'Beach tennis'
The perfect game to bring to the beach this summer! This retro inspired set includes two wooden...
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Game 'Can alley' Ingela P. Arrhenius
A classic can alley game! Stack the metal cans in a pyramid shape and try to topple them over by...
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