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Animals magnetic Farm Ingela P. Arrhenius 'Farm'
A set of four farm animals with magnetic sides, designed by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Correctly match...
In stock: 8
Animals magnetic Farm Ingela P. Arrhenius 'Wild'
A set of four wild animals with magnetic sides, designed by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Correctly match...
In stock: 5
Block puzzle
This simple, four piece wooden block puzzle is illustrated with warm bright colors and simple...
In stock: 0
Block puzzle 'Fairytale'
A nice wooden block puzzle with six different fairy tale pictures: Puss in boots, Little mermaid,...
In stock: 0
Block Puzzle with Animals
Nice wooden blocks that make six pictures of animals with their young. Frogs in pond, fish in...
In stock: 0
Blocks 'Garden'
Grow your own garden with these fun garden shapes! All 24 pieces of our push and click blocks are...
In stock: 0
Blocks Dreamhouse
Here you have 12 solid wooden blocks painted with different houses and structures. Match the...
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Blocks in frame Garden
Fit all the pieces together in the right way in the frame, or build your own garden with this...
In stock: 0
Blocks Ingela P. Arrhenius 'Funny characters'
A set of six blocks with illustrations by Ingela P. Arrhenius. Stack the blocks to build fun...
In stock: 15
Cars magnetic
Funny cars in several pieces with magnets in between. Put them together the right way, or mix...
In stock: 16
Cookie & Bake set
A sorting game, puzzle, and bake-a-cookie set in one! Dotted baking tray with a small puzzle...
In stock: 18
Game 'Gears & cogs'
A wooden tray with seven gears in the shape of a sun and flowers. Find the right place for each...
In stock: 17
Game 'Visual sensory tray'
A wooden tray with four shapes that allow the child to see the world in a different way. Exciting...
In stock: 27
Lock box house with monsters
This great wooden monster lock box features eight different doors with various lock mechanisms...
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Rainbow tunnel'
A fun tunnel puzzle in the color and shape of a rainbow. Fun to play with and beautiful to look at.
In stock: 1
Puzzle 'Rainbow'
Stack these curved pieces together to make a rainbow with a sweet mouse, looking up at the rain.
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Tiny Owl'
Wooden puzzle for little hands with three pieces: a cloud, an owl, and an acorn. Soft colors and...
In stock: 44
Puzzle 'Touchy feely animals'
Stimulate your child’s senses with Touchy Feely Animals. Lift the shapes and feel the textures...
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Transport'
A nice wooden puzzle in the shape of a vehicle transport with an elephant driver. Five vehicles...
In stock: 19
Puzzle 'Underwater shapes'
Let’s discover all the shapes under the sea! Lift out the puzzle pieces to reveal the names of...
In stock: 0
Puzzle 'Woodland tree'
A wonderful wooden peg puzzle with six pieces in the shape of different trees. Behind each tree...
In stock: 8
Puzzle Animals Les Papoum
A charming wooden puzzle with the Papoum crew. Behind every piece hides a beautiful illustration.
In stock: 6
Puzzle blocks 'Woodland'
Wooden puzzle for small children with forest animals, 16 pieces and a wooden frame.
In stock: 12
Puzzle Bus Popipop
In stock: 0