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With the help of Krabat’s ingenious gadgets, you can take a really close look at all the little bugs moving around in the air, water and on land.

Adventure kit 'Le Jardin'
Here comes the ultimate adventure kit for the younger explorers. Binoculars, compass, notebook,...
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Binoculars 'Le Jardin'
A pair of binoculars with adjustable focus and neck a strap. The binoculars are made in plastic...
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Binoculars Professional
Elegant binoculars with 4x30 magnification. Rubber-coated in robust design for both children and...
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Bird house 'Le Jardin'
A nice bird house with a perch and a string to hang it. Fun to place in a tree outside the window...
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Botanic case 'Le Jardin'
A beautiful little case for botanical adventurers. The case contains a flower press, a small...
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Bottle 'Le Jardin' metal
A nice metal water bottle, decorated with nice illustrations. The bottle has a screw-on cork with...
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Bottle 'Rocket' metal
A little bmetal bottle with a nice rocket. The bottle has a large opening, making it easy to...
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Bottle Ingela P. Arrhenius display (6pcs)
A display with six alumnium bottles in three lovely themes by Ingela P. Arrhenius. The bottle has...
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Bottle Nathalie Lété Display
A box display with six aluminum bottles in three designs by Nathalie Lété.
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Bottle with straw
Practical plastic bottle for nature trips or workouts. Built in straw that can snap up and down.
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Childrens carving knife
Childrens carving knife in stainless steel with rounded top and comfortable grip in plastic with...
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A working compass with a ruler and scale markers on the sides. A small magnifying glass is built...
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Compass 'Le Jardin' metal
A nice compass to bring along on the adventure. The compass comes in a small box, nicely...
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Compass in metal casing
A cool compass with clear markings. The compass is made in plastic, with a sturdy, foldable metal...
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Flower press 'Le Jardin'
A nice, wooden flower press. The press has metal screws to easily tighten it and you place the...
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Fly Eye Prism display (12pcs)
A display with 12 pcs of fly eyes. Look into the hole and see the worl through a prism.
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A headlamp with a 1W ledlight. Adjustable strap.
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Insect hotel 'Le Jardin'
A wooden insect hotel with tons of room for tons of interesting guests. Place it in a tree or in...
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Looking glass 'Le Jardin'
A large and nice looking glass to easily spot the little critters in the garden. The looking...
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Loupe 'Le Jardin'
A smart with a lid and two magnifiers to easily have a look at the little critters in the garden.
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Magic tree crystals green
Put together the little tree and place it in the dish. Water it with the water provided. Slowly,...
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