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Bird house 'Le Jardin'
A nice bird house with a perch and a string to hang it. Fun to place in a tree outside the window...
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Botanic case 'Le Jardin'
A beautiful little case for botanical adventurers. The case contains a flower press, a small...
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Clothespins mini in wood
Small, classic wooden clothes pins. Perfect for the doll clothes or to various craft projects.
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Clothespins Plastic 100pcs
Pack of 100 pcs.
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Flower press 'Le Jardin'
A nice, wooden flower press. The press has metal screws to easily tighten it and you place the...
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Garden kit with apron
A nice kit with gardening accessories: apron, gloves, rake, spade, and four markers for the...
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Gardening Bag with tools
A nice gardening bag in sturdy material with tons of handy compartments and room for tools. Two...
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Gardening Tools 6 pcs
A colorful set of 6 gardening tools made in hard and durable plastic with a matte finish. Comes...
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Gardening Tools set
A really nice set with gardening tools in wood and metal. Spade, rake, and hoe, plus a pair of...
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Gardening Tools small
A nice set with two spades and a rake in wood and metal. The metal is painted in stylish, bright...
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Insect hotel 'Le Jardin'
A wooden insect hotel with tons of room for tons of interesting guests. Place it in a tree or in...
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Looking glass 'Le Jardin'
A large and nice looking glass to easily spot the little critters in the garden. The looking...
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Loupe 'Le Jardin'
A smart with a lid and two magnifiers to easily have a look at the little critters in the garden.
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Magnifying Jar
8 cm.
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Magnifying Jar 2-Way
high: 11,5cm
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Magnifying Jar Mini
Bug viewer/magnifying box with neck cord, 4.5 cm
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Planter 'Le Jardin' basil
An small, organic pot with a dirt patty and basil seeds. Plant the seed and follow the growth of...
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Planter 'Le Jardin' sunflower
An small, organic pot with a dirt patty and sunflower seeds. Plant the seed and follow the growth...
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Planting case 'Le Jardin'
A beautiful little case for small gardeners. The case contains a small rake, spade, and watering...
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A handy rake with a sturdy wooden stake. The rake is made in metal and painted in green or red.
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Shovel with handle
A gread shovel for children with a sturdy handle. The shovel is a tool in wood and painted metal.
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A sturdy wheelbarrow in metal. Good grip handle in red rubber. Gorgeous color combination of...
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Work gloves 5-9 years
Work gloves for kids with cool details, made in sturdy materials. An elastic band make the gloves...
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