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Bag with groceries
This set includes a pretty printed canvas bag with solid wood and painted groceries. Olive oil,...
In stock: 30
Baked goods in crate
A small wooden crate with a croissant, pretzel, cinnamon swirl, and two pastries. Fun to have...
In stock: 50
Biscuit & Plate set
A nice, light blue plate with nine yummy cookies in varying shapes, decorated in different...
In stock: 20
Box of cookies
A round cardboard cookie box with beautifully painted wooden cookies in all shapes and sizes.
In stock: 24
Café Machine
Café making machine in painted wood. Choose from the different pods on top of the machine and...
In stock: 40
Carving Chicken
Roasted chicken in wood. This chicken cant wait to be carved. Cutting board, knife and fork...
In stock: 0
Cash register
This beautifully painted register has real buttons to push and is packed with paper money and...
In stock: 49
Cash register
A wooden cash register with buttons, counter beads, receipt, and card reader. There's also a...
In stock: 17
Cash Register
A great red cash register with soft touch buttons. The drawer opens with a button on the side. A...
In stock: 46
Credit card machine
A wooden credit card machine with a credit card and a receipt - also in wood. On the outer...
In stock: 30
Diner with accessories
A really nice wooden diner with lots of accessories. Menu, kitchen tools and hamburger food is...
In stock: 1
Eggs & dairy in crate
A small wooden crate with a milk bottle, three eggs, and one cheese. Fun to have when you play...
In stock: 38
Fish in crate
A small wooden crate with six glittery fish. Fun to have when you play store, or want to throw...
In stock: 87
Fruit in crate
A small wooden crate with two bananas, an orange, a strawberry, and melon. Fun to have when you...
In stock: 92
Icecream Bar Carlo's Gelato
A colorful stand with painted wooden ice creams. Stack the ice cream pieces on top of the two...
In stock: 60
Market stand
A market stand with a fabric canopy and room for lots of produce. Two fabric crates with fruits...
In stock: 12
Market stand with fruit crate
A small market stall, painted in light blue and soft yellow with a striped canopy and plenty of...
In stock: 13
Meat in crate
A small wooden crate with wooden meat products. Perfect for doll kitchens or when you play shop.
In stock: 21
Metal basket with fabric food
A metal basket filled with fabric vegetables and small paper packs of common food items.
In stock: 30
Metal basket with food
A metal shopping basket filled with smaller versions of common grocery cartons and cans.
In stock: 0
Money & cards
Handy money and cards in paper and wood: 9 bills and 17 coins in differing value, two credit...
In stock: 9
Scale with fruits
Weigh your wooden fruits and vegetables with this brightly coloured functional weighing scale.
In stock: 20
Shop & Café Honeybake
A wonderful reversable shop on wheels that can be turned into a café, or a market stand, or...
In stock: 5